Our Mission: Indiana Public Schools have been grossly underfunded for many years and need to be reversed in the 2019 Indiana State Legislature budget adopting year.

Join us in the movement to raise Indiana's teaching wages and improve our rural public school systems.


Teacher Pay

This information is viewed through constant dollar statistics. Constant dollars based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI), prepared by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, adjusted to a school-year basis. The CPI does not account for differences in inflation rates from state to state.
SOURCE: National Education Association, Estimates of School Statistics, selected years, 1969-70 through 2016-17. (2017)

Percentage of Decrease
from 1999-2000 to 2016-17

Get To Know Me

My name is Phil Zicht and I believe there need to be changes for the Indiana Public School System.

I often wonder who people are that have websites, write blogs, or even letters to the editor. With that being said, not to bore you or to boast, but rather to assure you that I'm just a lifelong Hoosier that's very interested in what is happening to our public schools, here's some information about me. 

I am 68 year old and am a retired teacher of 41 years from Jay County School Corporation. I have been married to the same fine lady for over 40 years who is also a retired teacher of 39 years. Together we have three grown children, one a Purdue University graduate and two Ball State University graduates. They are each married and each with two kids of their own. I am a corn and soybean farmer of 850 acres, the former president of our county fair board and finally, a 40 year member of Saratoga Lions Club.

Any further questions on how to support Indiana's public schools? Contact me at philzicht@gmail.com.


What's The Problem?

I believe the problem is two fold.

First, the passage of property tax caps by the Indiana State Legislature in 2008 severely limited a public schools ability to fund its operational budget. Recognizing that, the state legislature in the same year, passed another bill, this one the state agreed to fund a larger portion of public school's operational needs, to make up the difference.

Second, the rise of non-public schools in Indiana. Former Governor Mitch Daniels pitched the idea of state financed vouchers for students whose neighborhood public schools were failing. With that meager beginning we now have, what I would term as an out of control support in the state legislature for non-public schools.

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Why I Got Involved

Why did I decide to speak out on the topic of school funding? Clearly there are multiple reasons.

First, and foremost, the 6 little reasons in the picture, our grandchildren. I wonder what kinds of teachers will lead their classrooms in the years ahead. In my mind the most important factor in education is the teacher in charge of the classroom.

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The Support Of Ryan Steinbrunner

We have the support of Ryan Steinbrunner, an educator for 9 years with East Jay Middle School.

His story is similar to many others throughout the state.

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Follow The Money Part I

The first installment of “Follow The Money” deals with money that is diverted to non-public schools.

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Poorer students being forgotten in the 2020 budget outline. Indiana could overhaul how it grades schools. That's news to us, graders say. Contact your Legislator to show support for Indiana's Public School Teachers Hoosiers for Quality Education (H4QE), spent more than $3 million on campaign contributions to benefit candidates who support the privatization of public education and Republican gubernatorial candidates. Following the money ... Substantial sums of money from private school supporters is being contributed to your elected officials. Does this sway the vote?